Travel / Expedition list

ready-to-go-e1387239948542This list was created by my husband based on his experience in travelling around South America in 1986 . We find it quite handy for every type of trip.

I did not included a travel list for babies because I believe mum’s instinct is the best guide to rely on. However when it comes to toddlers, an umbrella stroller is a must specially for doing sightseeing around towns, museums and archaeological sites.

We couldn’t have survived without a stroller when we went to South East Asia with Sabrina. She was 3 and a half years old. She got tired and bored fairly quickly so she would just nap in her stroller. We tried to get her involved as much as possible with the sightseeing but not for too long. They are just kids, they want go to the swimming pools, to the beach; so as much as possible try to take something that to keep them entertained. A small toy, your smartphone (yes! not ideal but quite handy believe me!), a tablet, etc. Remember that the beauty of travelling with kids is to make it enjoyable for everyone and everywhere as much as possible.

Advance planning is the key to success, luck is the other side of the coin.

Expedition List


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