Musing Museums

Visiting museums is one thing but exploring them is another matter. When I travel I always like to find the most interesting museum or two in a city. Having kids in tow can be a real challenge at museums as they can get bored very quickly and start causing mayhem; especially those dedicated to Arts and Paintings. For now we just tend to skip them. However, ironically when I used to travel with my husband (before Sabrina was around) I realized that when I visited a museum I was just giving a glimpse at the exhibitions and not actually taking the time to studying them in detail. I know! Museums are time consuming. Sometimes you need to queue up to get there, they are crowded, you don’t have too much knowledge about the pieces in exhibitions so you tend to get bored, not enough time, people rushing you, etc.

This is why I decided to open this new chapter in my blog called Musing Museums. I am kind of playing the  role of the famous children cartoon “Dora the Explorer” to explore Museums, not just visiting them but to take my own time to read, understand and share the collections exhibited in them. Museums are as important as archaeological sights. They contain relevant pieces carefully recovered, restored, sorted and selected to appreciate various ancient civilizations and their forms and manifestations. Also they show various forms of artistic expression throughout history and even pre-history.

I am very delighted to share with you my experiences exploring various museums in the city that I currently live, San Francisco, California and other cities where I will hopefully visit in the future. I have lived in four cities Lima, London, Vancouver and now San Francisco and wished I could have had this idea 15 years ago! However, I feel like it is never too late especially since I have the energy, the will and some spare time to do it!

Hampton Court. London

Hampton Court. London

Lord of Sipan Museum

Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum. Lambayeque. Perú

David Statue

David Statue. Florence. Italy

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum. Paris

Colossus Ramses II.

Colossus Ramses II. Memphis Museum. Egypt

I will start soon writing about the great pieces of Art exhibited in the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. From one world to another, this museum has to be one of the largest (if not the largest) collection of Asian art in the Western World! stay tuned…


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