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Hello there!Pilli (7-Dec-2013)

My real name is Maria del Pilar also known as Pilli, a diminutive alias from Pilar made up by my daughter Sabrina. I am originally from Lima, Peru where I finished a Degree in Law and Political Sciences. A few months after that, my job hunting was interrupted by a single event that change the voyage of my life. I met my husband, Peter Potts, an English guy with the same adventurous spirit as me. Too adventurous I’d say because he wished to build a log house in Bolivia and settle down there with his future family. Soon he changed his mind and before I knew it I was living in London with him. My English was fairly poor but my desire for travelling was increasing steadily. Our adventure started in 2002 in Peru and has continued ever since.

Our life took another turn when we decided to leave London and move to Vancouver, Canada for good in 2006. Reason? more outdoor activities, less crowded and a promising country to bring up children…and talking about children our first and only daughter was born on a rainy day in April 2006. Yes I moved while I was pregnant. Obviously our ambitious travel plans were suspended for a while due to the birth of our child. However we did some trekking (with our baby) near our former house located in the forest of Port Moody, BC.

Nothing last forever…our Canadian life style came to an end in Summer 2012 due to unforeseen circumstances. We opened a new chapter in our life when we drove two days from Vancouver to San Francisco, USA and finally settled down under the sun of California (God knows for how long!). Will we ever moved again? don’t know. Will we ever find the perfect country to live? don’t know. So many questions with vague answers. All I know is that I am thankful in life for who I am and for what I have despite the fact I could not achieve my academic and professional goals. However I learned the following:

“Sacrifice does not mean giving up something for nothing; it means giving up one thing for something else we believe is worth more.”


3 responses to “About Pilli

  1. Love the intro & love how you write & love your adventurous travel spirit with child in tow! We are following for sure! Ps We can’t say it enough but we love Peru!! Do you go back often? Happy travels!!!


    • Thank you very much wisemonkeysabroad, I also had a look your blog and it is fascinating the places you have visited! the best way to spend money in travelling isn’t it? Yes we try to travel everywhere with my daughter, it is tough but we can manage! I go to Peru every three years. Actually I have just finished my blog about South India and I will write about Peru in the next few days. I am following you too. Enjoy life!


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