Yes, Santa visits us in Christmas in the mountains of Periyar.

Another Day, another Month, another Year,

Another Smile, another Tear, another Winter,

A Summer too, But there will never be Another You!

May Lovely, Happy Times

Decorate this Time of the Season.

May Warm, Special Memories brighten your New Year,

May the Wonder of Christmas be with you Forever. 

Better late than never. A Christmas note was lying on our bed the day we arrived at Periyar. No more words to say other than I wish all of you the best in the coming year!

I am unable to sit down and write quietly here in India due to our busy schedule and mostly due to a very low speed internet (400 kb). Even worse, I can’t download any pictures. Today, Friday 27 December 2013 is our leisure day, the only one. I am exhausted, sleepless but at the same time I am happy and thankful for the places I’ve visited so far. I have decided to start posting as soon as I am back home on the 6th January. I wish I could write every other day but it is almost impossible! with our credit card cancelled we had to give priority with the internet availability. Must go now before my writing vanish! power cuts all the time!!! Until next year!

Santa at Periyar


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