Will Santa visit us in India this year?

One week left before getting on three planes on our way to “The City of Kochi” also known as Cochin in the Estate of Kerala South India. Cochin is our second stop after one night in Mumbai.

I would call this trip: A journey to India Part II because last year we had the opportunity to visit the North part of India including Varanasi, New Delhi, Agra and the area of Rajasthan. We went in March just before Sabrina, my daughter, started her first grade. Now she is in second grade and we don’t have much choice than spending the Christmas holiday in Kerala with or without Santa (certainly, we are not taking Christmas presents).  Also it is the best time of the year to travel to the South of India. It is the dry season but still is  humid with 35°C (95°F)  temperature during the day and a bit chilly at night.

We will be visiting ports and towns with foreign influences, spice plantations as well as temples. We will be riding boats around lakes, eating coconut and plant-base curries (South Indians are predominantly vegetarians) . I predict Sabrina will live on rice, chapatis, naan, bananas… Christmas day will be in Madurai, one of South India’s great temple towns…. etc.. etc… Can’t wait to post my first pictures. I’ll do all my best to keep you update during my trip .


Finally you are probably wondering yourself why India? and why India again?? Two reasons:

  1. India is an appealing travel destination for all type of travelers. It is a vast and varied country rich in culture, art and food.
  2. We are not travelling alone, my parents in law are coming along with us. My husband promised his father that one day they will go to India together. Charles, father in law is very enthusiastic about miniature Indian paintings. He likes collecting them and attending to various exhibitions at art galleries across London. Varanasi was his favorite destination last year. We are all pleased to make his dream come true.
  3. As we are travelling as a family, we need to organize this trip well in advanced, therefore we required the services of the tour operator Trailfinders to come up with the perfect itinerary and make our stay in India easy, comfortable and stress-free as much as possible. After all, advanced planning makes a family trip much more enjoyable.

We will be back on the 5th January.



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