Brief Introduction

At last, I am thrilled to publish my first blog about family travel.

I invite you to read my page “About Pilli” and get to know me and my small family more. I also encourage you to go through my gallery of photos for countries that I have visited so far. These photos show places me and my husband have had the opportunity to visit before and after our daughter was born.

I hope you find my blog an inspiration for your next family trip, which can be adventurous, fun and rewarding. Just because there is a new member in the family (not precisely a pet as they are more hassle to travel with) you have to put off your adventurous spirit and dreams. For me, after a trip I feel I have recharged my batteries no matter how far I go, where I go; as long as my family is with me I know I will have a great time!

PS. I am in the early stages of my blog so I am still working on its structure. I just can’t wait to share with you my upcoming trips. Please be patient 😉

Penang, Malaysia. 2010

Penang, Malaysia. 2010


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